Bombay Cat

The Bombay Cat was developed by breeder Nikki Horner.  She envisioned a cat that resembled a black leopard, with the sleek, short tight coat of a black Burmese and the copper bright eyes of her American Shorthairs, so the combination was obvious.  Her early efforts in 1953 were mostly unsuccessful, but her determination wasn’t denied as history did prove.

Bombay Cats are sleek and muscular with a midnight black coat that shines like satin and resembles black patent leather.  The successful cross breeding of an American Shorthair with a Burmese produced a remarkable and passionate breed that greatly resembles a mini black panther.

Behold the most social and loving cat possible!  The Bombay Cat absolutely must be with its human, whether in the lap, bed or riding along on its shoulder.  This joyful breed will meet you or your visitors at the door with the warmest of welcomes.  The negative side of that passionate personality is loneliness.  If considering a Bombay Cat, also consider a playmate.  The Bombay is exceptionally good with children and other pets (provided the invitation is appropriate).

The ears on a Bombay Cat are medium sized, set well apart and slightly tilted forward.  Their head is round with the large copper eyes wide-set, offering the inviting embrace of a faithful friend.  They are a medium-sized cat with a healthy bone structure, which is necessary to support their muscular body.  They are surprisingly heavy for their size, as most stout cats seem to be.

A Bombay Cat will not litter your home with shed, the short shiny coat needs minimal attention from its owner.  An occasional bath and regular brushing will keep the coat a magnificently bright black and beautiful.


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