Devon Rex

With their curly coats, huge ears and impish faces, Devon Rex cats remind some people of a sunflower.  Like the Cornish Rex, whom they resemble but to whom they are not genetically related, Devons are active, fun loving and tolerant enough to dress up in clothes and pose for pictures.  The Devon Rex is a very intelligent, short hair that was developed in the early 1960’s in England.  Distinguishing characteristics include:

Large Ears

Curly Coats

Slim Bodies

Above Feline Average Intelligence

Devons can be trained (unlike most cats whom prefer to train their human) to excel at tricks other cats would never consider.  They have been reported to respond to their human’s name, much like they recognize their own.

The Rex (curled fur/coat) lineage of felines include the German Rex, Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex, but the Devon’s curls differ by a genetic mutation than that of its Rex counterparts.  Oddly enough, the cross breeding of a Devon to either a German or Cornish will result in cats without the fashionable Rex curls.  The huge ears of a Devon Rex, (which rest low on the side of the head) in part with other quite unique traits has it labeled by some as “Pixie” or “Alien.”  Just like their coat, the whiskers also curl, sometimes so tightly that they appear to have no whiskers at all, thus adding to the extraordinary appearance of the Devon.

The Devon Rex is an active member of the family, very mischievous and playful with its human.  Their ability to jump much higher than average enables them to entertain from the highest perches in the home.  The most favorable trait is their affection for their owner.  Most Devons will attach to a single human to whom they devote their love, and on whom they will most often lie.  They like to be close to the head or neck of their human, often times perching on a shoulder to cuddle the neck.

The Devon Rex is a faithful companion, following its human throughout the home and leaping onto their arms, lap, or shoulder at any opportune moment.


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