Outside litter boxI just finished reading a very interesting article in Catster Magazine, written by Dr. Marty Becker about this problem.

First, we all must remember that our kitties usually just have a 1 sq. ft litter box and the average size house is 2500 sq ft. Our little friends are bound to have an accident every so often. One cause that a lot of us are guilty of is we don’t maintain the litter box often enough. Also, kitty might not like the litter we are using, it might have too much perfume, dusty or it may be too coarse which sticks between their pads.

Another possibility arises is when you introduce another cat into your household. The first cat goes around marking your home because he is not happy about his new roommate.

Medical issues such as a urinary infection, simple bladder infections, to more severe issues, that only your vet, through a series of tests can determine the cause.

One final point, wet food will help your cat with urinary issues simply because it is easier to digest, but the main reason is that it is 70% water. If you can’t afford the expense of totally switching to wet food try adding some  to your kitty’s diet, which will dilute the urine and cause the cat to urinate more often which will help.

I want to thank Catster Magazine and Dr Becker for an outstanding and informative article.