Scaredy CatDoes your cat hiss and hide when you have friends stop by? Does he become invisible when the delivery man rings your door bell? Or does he swat, or hiss when he is approached. These are signs that your cat might be shy or high strung, these behavior traits might indicate that he is afraid or insecure.
Most cats when they are afraid hide, or like I like to say become invisible. She also might become aggressive, but it is fear and this aggressiveness is a natural response by a scaredy cat.

What causes fear? Being put in a new environment, moving to a new house, or a visit to the Vet’s office. Unfamiliar guests stopping by. Doors slamming or a door bell ringing. Fireworks or a car back firing. Introducing a new pet into your household. These are a few common maladies that can upset our feline friends.
So what can we do to help them out? Introduce them to more people. Give them safe places where they can feel comfortable and secure. A cat tree, or a nice box that they can retreat to. Sit by them and speak to them in soft tones, this is something that my wife Marge, our own personal Cat Whisperer, does with great success. Give those treats and toys helps, these are some things that work well with many of our guests at The Hotel 4 Cats.
If all else fails, visit your Vet, there might be health issues causing these fears.

The Hotel 4 Cats
Mooresville, NC

I want to give credit to Rita Reimers and her great article.