No Dogs AllowedThis is a question I hear from many new customers. Could it be the tranquility that only The Hotel 4 Cats can provide?  How can such tranquility be achieved?
Did you know that we are a dog free kennel?  What does that mean?
No barking dogs---No stress and undivided attention to our loving feline “guests”!
Not only that, we have a cat loving staff that spends a lot of time making sure our “guests” are treated first class.    
Devoted attention…comfortable bedding….relaxing classical music, window view of bird feeders and outside activities, class “A” cleanliness….cameras and playroom time also available.
We also provide “round-the-clock” cleanliness - constantly cleaning litters, condos, floors and walls.
The answer is a combination of all the above!  
The Hotel 4 Cats was the first and best cat only boarding facility in North Carolina, established in 2008.  When Marge and I relocated to the Lake Norman area seven years ago we could not help but notice the need to positively contribute to the overall enrichment of our feline friends. So The Hotel 4 Cats was created to serve the boarding and care needs of our feline friends. Not only do we board we administer medication, we brush and deliver TLC at no additional cost to you.
Come take a tour of our Hotel and see why folks board their cats with us!