autumn catWhether you live in the country or the city cats actually play a significant role in our population. But what might that be?  

Cats have played a very important functional role in society.  They have been depended upon to protect and keep grain storage areas, barns and our homes clear of mice and rats. This can be verified not only by farmers and city residents but also by scientific research that has identified that when cats were nearly eradicated from areas, local rat populations quickly multiplied causing potentially costly business or personal financial damages, community health worries and ecological concerns due rats preying upon other animal populations.  

Although the above contributions are significant to humankind, many would agree that a cat’s invaluable contribution to society is their caring and loving support toward their guardians.  Those that share their lives with cats know that they have a gentle touch, a calming purr, charming playful gestures, bask in the sun during long-lazy naps and are low maintenance ---- all attractive characteristics.  But don’t let these characteristics mislead your perception about them.  They are not lazy….they just know their own value and don’t need to brag about it!  

So, the next time you hug your cat or see a stray cat walking through your yard, you may want to say “Thank You” for your love and for naturally protecting our communities from costly rodent invasions.

This blog has been adapted from Yahoo News “What If All the Cats in the World Suddenly Died?”