building3Whether you are going on vacation or simply needing your cat to be in a safe and comfortable place for the day – The Hotel 4 Cats is your solution for cat boarding. With significant amount of experience in cat boarding, The Hotel 4 Cats delivers extraordinary care and comfort for your loving pet – we are your cat’s home away from home! The term ‘pet boarding’ doesn’t come close to describing what The Hotel 4 Cats provides on a daily basis. You can read about our personalized services on the website, but your cat can EXPERINCE our daily personalized caring and loving attention.

Over the years, the success of our cat boarding has been directly related to our dedicated and compassionate staff. Our staff includes mature individuals who ensure that the overall cat boarding environment meets or exceeds federal and state related guidelines along with customer expectations. They also treat your cats like family by becoming familiar with and responding to their individualized needs, wants, and meows. In fact, our staff includes a Feline Behavior Specialist, Mary Tomasello. Mary is available to monitor cat behaviors and help create a ‘purrfectly’ enriched experience for all cats. If you would like Mary’s advice or personal and practical coaching on how to increase your cat’s overall well-being, how to overcome specific cat unwanted behaviors, effectively transition cats to new environments, integrate cats into the family and more … go to and find out how Mary can help and to arrange an initial consultation. The Hotel 4 Cats serves the Mooresville, Lake Norman, Davidson areas.