The Big Debate - UNsented vs. Scented Cat Litter? 

Does your cat have a preference?

Research indicates that the following litter features make a difference in overall litter box appeal to your cat:

  • Texture – preference is soft and sandy scoopable litter. Textures that have too large granules, pelleted, sticky against paws and too dusty can lead to a cat avoiding proper usage.  
  • Scented litters and perfumed environments are not appealing to cats. A cat’s sense of smell is at least 14 times more attuned than that of humans. What seems like a little perfume to you can actually be overwhelming and stressful to your cat.
  • Based upon research most cats prefer UNscented or a high quality odorless litterIf Unscented is used, do not add any deodorizers due to a cat’s enhanced sense of smell.  Smells can be eliminated or minimized with proper cleaning routines such as scooping the box out at least twice a day. Also wash the box weekly, or every other week if you are using clumping litter. Use a mild, unscented dish detergent and rinse well. Clean your scooper also.

cat may2016If you would like us to use a special cat litter during our cat sitting days, simply bring your cat’s favorite brand to the hotel and we will use it during the cat boarding timeframe.  We respect your pet care guidelines while your cat is boarding with us. 



This blog was adapted from Animal Behavior Institute (ABI).

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