We recommend that every cat guardian proactively be prepared to take care of basic emergency situations.  To do so, you will need to compile an essential first aid kit that can be used for multiple basic situations that may arise.  It is important to note to NEVER GIVE A CAT ASPRIN! IT TAKES 3 DAYS FOR THEIR LIVER TO PROCESS JUST ONE.  IT CAN CAUSE TOXICITY.   Also, customizing your first aid kit based upon your cat’s needs is also important. 

The Animal Behavior Institute (ABI) recommends the following items.

Contact Information:

  • A handy 1st Aid Book (to help minimize heightened emotions during an emergency)
  • Post phone numbers of your Vet, Emergency Clinic and Animal Poison Control



Medications and Topical Items:

  • Medication for current health conditions
  • Betadine (great for wound cleaning without burning)
  • Hydrogen peroxide *(for inducing vomiting & cleaning blood from fur only – not for cleaning wounds)
  • Alcohol* (NOT for wound cleaning, but for sterilizing tools)
  • Veterinarian’s Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray (Great go-to 1st aid spray for minor wounds)
  • Veterinarian's Best Ear Wash/ Ear Dry
  • Rescue Remedy (a homeopathic, natural way to help support calm behavior in anxious/stressful cats)
  • Sterile saline eye wash (large bottle – many uses)
  • Activated charcoal tablets (to bind certain types of toxins in the stomach and intestines and pass them through the body without allowing them to be absorbed-discuss details with your vet).
  • Glucose paste, corn syrup (optional products to help with increasing emergency sugar intake due to diabetic issues).
  • Nutri-Cal (a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals to support an appetite for cats not eating)
  • Benadryl (ask a vet for specific dosage, it’s a life saver!)

*Note: Using Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide to clean a wound can harm the tissue and delay healing. Instead use running water and mild soap.

Various Bandages, Towels and Tools

  • Gauze sponges and rolls (various sizes)
  • Sterile Non-Stick Gauze sponges (for burns)
  • Bandages (the self-adhesive 2 & 3” do not require tape.)
  • Hand towel or newspaper for splitting
  • Towel (for warmth or wrapping the cat in), blanket, or solar blanket
  • Cat carrier or appropriate cardboard box (for transport)
  • Rectal Thermometer with lubricant
  •  Blade or scissors for opening packages and cutting bandages
    • Digital watch or cell phone clock for taking vital signs



Rest assured that our cat boarding service includes giving your cat any essential medications.  We also have first aid items available should the need arise.  

 The Hotel 4 Cats:  Cat boarding serving the Mooresville, Lake Norman, Davidson areas.