Below is a ‘snap-shot’ of the normal ranges of various vital signs for the cat species. Cat guardians and cat sitters should know what the ‘normal’ value is for their own cat.  Knowing such values makes it easier for you to determine when there is a problem and how serious of a problem it is.  It should be noted that animals tend to hide their illnesses and injuries in order to prevent being preyed upon. Given this natural behavior, knowledge of vital sign changes can be a signal that a problem needs to be proactively addressed – even if we are not sure of what the problem/change means.  This knowledge is another way of demonstrating excellent cat care.   When your cat vacations at The Hotel 4 Cats, let our staff know if our pet care needs to include paying extra attention to any of the following vital signs. 


Adapted from Animal Behavior Institute (ABI) vital sign overview.

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