Luckily cat guardians have many options to consider when it comes to cat care.  Cat care is not only used when you need to go out-of-town but also during times of a variety of personal situations such as moving, remodeling, house guest that may have allergies, etc.  The owners of The Hotel 4 Cats have been in the industry for over 12 years and providing cat boarding services for in the surrounding Lake Norman area for over 8 years.  Werecommend that the following questions are considered when assessing cat boarding and cat care services.

Cat Boarding Questions:

  • How much experience do the people have that will be taking care of your cat?
  • Are cat’s the priority and primary business?  Kennels and vet locations may offer cat boarding, however it is not their primary business.
  • Are you uncomfortable with someone in your home to cat sit while you are away?
  • Are you able to freely visit and tour the pet boarding facility?
  • Will your cat have opportunities to play and have a view of windows and birds?
  • Does the boarding facility have a compassionate and credible staff able to proactively recognize medical needs and other individual cat needs?
  • Does the staff provide medication and emergency vet shuttle service?
  • Will comfortable bedding be provided for your loving cat?
  • Will the facility provide cat toys if you do not provide the cat’s personal toys?
  • Will your cat have the opportunity to listen to calming music throughout the day?
  • Does the cat boarding facility provide shuttle service?
  • Will your cat enjoy the company of other cats and people throughout the day?
  • To what degree does the facility provide personal attention with the understanding of cat behaviors and needs to reduce the stress that new unfamiliar environments and people can create?
  • Does the environment have dogs or other situations that are too fearful and stressful for your cat?

The Hotel 4 Cats is always looking out for what is best for your cat – we ONLY service cats.  We are unique – just like your cat.  We view you cats as our guests and they are our priority.  We truly aim to provide a “Home Away From Home” experience.  We hope you agree and always welcome your questions and suggestions.