Pheromones are natural substances produced and excreted by cats that alter emotional states and behavior. For example, a cat rubbing its face on its environment indicates that he "owns" this territory to other cats, and it is also a message to himself for later on. This rubbing behavior enables pheromones to be secreted which helps calm the cat with a sense of familiarity. During cat boarding stays, your cat may rub against the condos – he/she is saying… THIS IS MY CONDO – AND I REALLY LIKE HOW I SMELL – I FEEL COMFORTABLE NOW!

Manufactures are able to make a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromones (F3) which seems to create feelings of calm and safety – making new environments less threatening and stressful. Although we are not endorsing any particular brand, you may however be familiar with the Feliway brand. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromones (F3). There are some studies supporting the effectiveness of the products and there are no known side effects or problems arising from their use. Cat pheromones come as plug-ins, spray/spritzers, collars and wipes.

Your cat may benefit from getting extra cat care with minimizing the stress that may arise in situations such as moving to a new home, being around new people and animals or even loud noises such as fireworks. If you would like to bring any of these items to The Hotel 4 Cats during pet boarding periods we can accommodate your request. For a complete list of pet care included in our various cat boarding options refer to the condo “Rates” section of our website.

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