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Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Cat whiskers are located on the upper lip, the eyebrow area, the chin, near the feet and on the back of the legs. Whiskers play an extremely important function for cats – they are said to be the GPS and radar system. They are packed with very sensitive nerves that help cat’s judge distance and space. Sensory organs are at the tip of each whisker.

Examples of how they are used for sensing include:

• Detecting jumping distance.
• Judging abilities to fit through different sizes of boxes and holes.
• Picking up vibrations in the environment that help them sense movement in their prey and what other creatures are around her.
• Detecting what’s around them. Blind cats can effectively navigate with the use of their whiskers.
• Protecting eyes during hunting in grass or bushy areas or even when touching humans.
• Helping to climb trees effectively.

NEVER … NEVER… Trim Whiskers! If they are trimmed, that is cruel and painful and the cat will become disoriented and scared – a cat will not be able to determine what is in their environment. Whiskers naturally shed and do grow back.

One way that cats communicate feelings is how the whiskers are positioned. As a pet care facility, we pride ourselves on purposefully looking for signs to tell us how your cat is feeling during its stay with us.

image2When a cat is relaxed, whiskers will remain still, sticking straight out from the side of her head.


If a cat is curious or is on the hunt, whiskers will be pressed slightly forward.


image4Cats that are nervous or upset will pin the whiskers back toward the face.

Our pet boarding care takers are well versed in understanding your cat’s mood. Our cat care includes reading cat communication signs and accommodating your cat’s individualized needs - such as making their condo more comfortable with beds and toys, giving play time, giving tender loving care time, or just quiet time. We do not take cat sitting lightly…we are more than a kennel! It is our mission to create a cat boarding environment that is truly a home away from home!

Blog adapted by Animal Behavior Institute (ABI)

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