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Why Does My Cat’s Nose Have Black Spots?

This condition is seen in many cats, especially orange tabbies or calico cats. As your cat grows older, you may notice spots on the lips, nose or eye margins. For many the spots appear in middle-aged to older cats. In most situations, a cat with a small number of spots may have as Lintigo Simplex (a benign skin condition). Lintigo Simplex is viewed by many as similar to harmless human freckles and not a form of cancer.


However, it is very important to have your cat checked by your Vet to rule out other possible forms of skin disease and give the proper pet care.

Our cat boarding team takes their job very seriously and if any skin condition is noticed while ‘Kitty” is enjoying his/her cat care with us we will notify you so that you can make an informed decision of any next steps. We are family owned and provide the love and pet sitting service as if your cat was one of our own. We are an exclusive cat boarding facility! Sorry, no barking allowed!

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