Fun Facts: The Tabby Cat

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Fun Facts: The Tabby Cat.

 Did you know that the Tabby cat is NOT a specific breed?


It is the coat pattern that is referred to as Tabby. Patterns include distinctive 

stripes (Mackerel), spots, ticked or swirls (classic). All patterns are effective forms of camouflage.

The Tabby cat comes in various colors and the gene for the tabby pattern can be found in all domestic cats.

funfactstabby2A close look at a Tabby’s forehead includes a design that resembles an ‘M’.

Visit our web site cat gallery and see if you can identify the various Tabby patterns on our cat boarding ‘guests’.

We enjoy seeing so many different cat breeds and coat patterns while providing cat care at the Hotel 4 Cats. One of our extra special cat boarding services includes giving personalized attention to how your cat’s coat looks and feels during his/her stay with us. We will comb your cat to ensure that it remains tangle-free and your cat feels loved. We encourage you to bring favorite toys, bedding, brush/comb or something from home to make them feel “at home” while they are away from you.

The Hotel 4 Cats: Cat Boarding Serving the Greater Lake Norman Area.

We have a feline behavior specialist available to help create a
customized improvement plan for you and your cat.

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How Do Cats Say "Hello"?

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How Do Cats Say “Hello”?

There are multiple common ways that cats say “Hello” to other cats. And yes, you probably guessed at least one way – butt sniffing!

Whether thy live together for years or are being introduced for the first time, butt sniffing is their natural way to say “Hello”.how do cats say hello1

Scent glands are located in the anal sacs located on either side of the anus. Cats automatically position themselves with their butt up and ready to sniff to delineate territory and greet each other with a ‘curious sniff’ and “Hello”.

how do cats say hello2

When a cat offers his/her butt in an upward manner to be smelled it is also demonstrating the same position when it was a kitten and its mother would then clean his/her butt.

Other behaviors that suggest a “Hello” or reinforce the acceptance between cats are head-butting along with licking and grooming each other. These behaviors also release scent glands and help the cats to form a social bonding and ultimately consider each other to be family.

Cats will also demonstrate the same behaviors toward us. It is another behavior indicator that they accept us!

how do cats say hello3

At the Hotel 4 Cats we have the fun luxury of watching playful behaviors while we give tender loving pet care to our ‘guests’. We provide web cam services if you would like to see your cat’s fun actions during its cat boarding vacation with us. Visit our cat gallery to see how our cat care enables a stress-free and playful environment.

 The Hotel 4 Cats: Cat Boarding Serving the Greater Lake Norman Area.

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Have You Heard of The Hotel 4 Cats?

Have You Heard of The Hotel 4 Cats? 

The Hotel 4 Cats

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Are you looking for DOG-FREE cat boarding?

The owners of The Hotel 4 Cats, Chris and Marge Colas, have been in the pet industry for over 12 years and providing compassionate cat boarding services for the Greater Lake Norman area for over 8 years.

The mission of the Hotel is to provide a ‘Home Away From Home’ experience for your cat – referred to as a ‘Special Guest’! Once your cat walks in the door, he/she is the number one priority. The Hotel’s value proposition is like no other Greater Lake Norman cat boarding facility – it is dog-free, tranquil, spotless and offers a choice of comfortable cat condo’s, cottages and palaces.

Did you know that cat boarding is not only used when customers travel? Many seek services when they are not interested in having a cat sitter in their home or when there is a need to have accommodations during special personal situations such as relocation, remodeling, and when visiting house guests are not fond of cats or they have allergies.

You or your family and friends are welcome to visit your cat during his/her stay. Chances are you will see your cat running in the designated play room, relaxing with soothing music or watching birds eating at strategically placed bird feeders.hotel article

The Chris, Marge and Scooter, the hotel’s mascot, invite you to tour the hotel and see first-hand the value proposition-in-action.

Visit the web site to find out more about the comprehensive cat boarding packages and services including ‘Kitty Kab’ shuttle service.

Does Your Cat Need Vitamin Supplements?

Does Your Cat Need Vitamin Supplements?

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Your cat’s nutrition is vital for a healthy and enriched life. The marketing of vitamin supplements bombards us as we browse cat care store shelves or scan cat web sites. But should we assume it is a good precaution to give our cat vitamin supplements?

Small amounts of vitamins are essential for a cat to maintain a normal metabolic rate. In general, the required nutrients are provided in commercially formulated foods. Therefore, you may be surprised to know that it is NOT necessary to give vitamin supplements UNLESS a specific vitamin deficiency is diagnosed by a veterinarian.

vitamin supplements

It is important to note that not all food is created equally – there are some 
foods that are healthier than others. In general, manufacturers that formulate food based upon life-stages (kitten through geriatric) and lifestyles (breed-specific diets, weight management along with degrees of activity for indoor and outdoor) will be more precise with appropriate nutritional requirements.

Caution! Note that it may be harmful or even toxic to combine cat supplements to a diet that is already complete and balanced with nutrients. Over supplementing – called hypervitaminosis – poisoning is found to be more common than hypovitaminosis – vitamin deficiency.

vitamin supplements2

Our cat boarding services include following your specific feeding guidelines including extra cat care such as vitamin or medical instructions. Once your cat walks in our Hotel door he/she becomes our number one priority. In fact, providing high quality and compassionate pet care for the Greater Lake Norman area for over 8 years and been our primary business!

The Hotel 4 Cats: Cat Boarding Serving the Greater Lake Norman Area.

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