Why Select The Hotel 4 Cats?

Luckily cat guardians have many options to consider when it comes to cat care.  Cat care is not only used when you need to go out-of-town but also during times of a variety of personal situations such as moving, remodeling, house guest that may have allergies, etc.  The owners of The Hotel 4 Cats have been in the industry for over 12 years and providing cat boarding services for in the surrounding Lake Norman area for over 8 years.  Werecommend that the following questions are considered when assessing cat boarding and cat care services.

Cat Boarding Questions:

  • How much experience do the people have that will be taking care of your cat?
  • Are cat’s the priority and primary business?  Kennels and vet locations may offer cat boarding, however it is not their primary business.
  • Are you uncomfortable with someone in your home to cat sit while you are away?
  • Are you able to freely visit and tour the pet boarding facility?
  • Will your cat have opportunities to play and have a view of windows and birds?
  • Does the boarding facility have a compassionate and credible staff able to proactively recognize medical needs and other individual cat needs?
  • Does the staff provide medication and emergency vet shuttle service?
  • Will comfortable bedding be provided for your loving cat?
  • Will the facility provide cat toys if you do not provide the cat’s personal toys?
  • Will your cat have the opportunity to listen to calming music throughout the day?
  • Does the cat boarding facility provide shuttle service?
  • Will your cat enjoy the company of other cats and people throughout the day?
  • To what degree does the facility provide personal attention with the understanding of cat behaviors and needs to reduce the stress that new unfamiliar environments and people can create?
  • Does the environment have dogs or other situations that are too fearful and stressful for your cat?

The Hotel 4 Cats is always looking out for what is best for your cat – we ONLY service cats.  We are unique – just like your cat.  We view you cats as our guests and they are our priority.  We truly aim to provide a “Home Away From Home” experience.  We hope you agree and always welcome your questions and suggestions. 


What is play aggression?

Play aggression is simply cat play that that uses teeth or claws too rough for ourselves or others. Play is learned by a cat’s mother who socializes her kittens.  When her kittens get too rough, she simply removes herself – teaching the kitten that it will not get attention with such behavior.  We can take a lesson from a mother cat – just remove ourselves from the cat when it gets too rough to send the same message.

Kittens and cats practice the prey sequence and other components of hunting that may be viewed as too rough, yet it helps improve physical skills.  Examples of play aggression include:

Belly up Vertical stance
Stand up Chase
Side step with or without body arch Horizontal leap
Pounce Vertical leap
Face off  

Unfortunately, cat caretakers tend to encourage rough play thinking that it is fun at first but this leads to problems later.  However, caretakers should encourage appropriate forms of play with wands and other toys.  Appropriate play helps form the human-feline bond and gives them an outlet they need to practice natural play/prey skills.  At the Hotel 4 Cats, as cat sitters we foster a healthy play environment and encourage you to bring your cat’s special toy during their cat boarding visit. 

Our boarders are viewed as “guests” and are part of the family.  Our pet boarding service is more than just providing kennel service. We provide a tender loving cat care service while ensuring an exceptionally clean, quiet and cat enriched environmet.  We are emotionally commited to making The Hotel 4 Cats a “home away from home”.

Blog is adapted from Animal Behavior Institute (ABI)

The Hotel 4 Cats:  Cat boarding serving the Lake Norman and Surrounding Area.

Do You Know Your Cat’s Vital Signs?

Below is a ‘snap-shot’ of the normal ranges of various vital signs for the cat species. Cat guardians and cat sitters should know what the ‘normal’ value is for their own cat.  Knowing such values makes it easier for you to determine when there is a problem and how serious of a problem it is.  It should be noted that animals tend to hide their illnesses and injuries in order to prevent being preyed upon. Given this natural behavior, knowledge of vital sign changes can be a signal that a problem needs to be proactively addressed – even if we are not sure of what the problem/change means.  This knowledge is another way of demonstrating excellent cat care.   When your cat vacations at The Hotel 4 Cats, let our staff know if our pet care needs to include paying extra attention to any of the following vital signs. 


Adapted from Animal Behavior Institute (ABI) vital sign overview.

The Hotel 4 Cats:  Cat boarding serving the Greater Lake Norman Area.

Truly A Home Away From Home Experience

This week as a dedicated pet kennel and pet sitting business we are taking a “paws” to dedicate our blog to all the military personnel who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this wonderful country. 

We ask that while you are on vacation, having a cookout, swimming or just enjoying an extra day off from work to relax take a moment to remember that Memorial Day has a deeper meaning – it’s about honoring those who have fought and died for our daily freedoms that we enjoy! 

As our quality cat sitting and cat care services continues during Memorial Day and the entire holiday week we are proud to honor over one million Americans who have died in war since the Civil War.   We also thank those who are currently serving our nation and protecting our freedoms.  

As always we thank all of our pet boarding customers for their support.

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday week. 

The Hotel 4 Cats:  Cat boarding serving the Lake Norman and Surrounding Area.